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    29.07.2020 Updated on: 30.07.2020

    Stellenangebotsbeschreibung: At Spider Labs (Permanent), in Lisbon, PortugalExpires at: 2020-09-14Management of SpiderAF's dashboard Create/modify the company website and landing pages General programmingWhat Separates Us From The RestThe Power To Impact Society SpiderAF is a tool developed to solve the current hot topic issue of ad fraud. By providing SpiderAF to a larger degree, the industry can become a more secure platform. Superior Products and Technology We have confidence in the high-accuracy of our machine learning engines based on the achievements of our research team which includes a Ph.D. in Physics. Because of automation and AI, our customers rate our product highly for its quality, cost, and ease of use without the need for human data scientists. Work Flexibility We encourage ...

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